Yesterday, Buggy and his little brother Hercules, our ferret, were playing their favorite wrestling game, when Nick decided to put Hercules up on top of the kitchen cupboards. Of course, Buggy quickly had to jump up there too. They were having fun but Hercules soon wanted down. But he couldn’t figure out how to do it!! Buggy knew how to get down since he is bigger and goes up there all the time on his own. He tried to show Herc what to do, by stepping down onto the fridge, waiting and trying to get him to follow. Hercules looked scared and nervous as he peered over the cupboard, Buggy patiently jumped back up, walked past Herc then turned around and jumped down onto the fridge again and waited for Hercules to follow. This happened about 5 or 6 times, He even tried to show him how to get down, by putting his paw on his side and pushing Herc forward, but Hercules the frightened ferret just didn’t understand what Buggy was trying to tell him. Eventually, Nick took Hercules down and gave him a treat. But we thought it was the cutest thing โ€” ย it was just like a big brother trying to teach his little brother something the best way to get out of a close call!


Happy holidays


Happy holidays from me and buggy ๐Ÿ™‚

Welcome to My Blog

ImageThis blog is about the craziness of my cat, Buggy. He is a Bengal/Tabby cross that I got in July and he is now 8 months old.

When we went to choose a kitten, we had a choice of the three males that were left, and Buggy stole my heart. I couldn’t leave without him!

From the first day we brought him home he fit right in, and his unique personality started to show. He is funny, smart, sweet, crazy, adventurous and gets into anything and everything.

I love him to bits and this is his story. Hope you enjoy it!


Buggy at 7 weeks old

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